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25 August 2010 @ 07:22 pm
Today was so great in so many ways...  
That I must blog about it, for it was too much great stuff for a measly ol' facebook status update. ;)

I was nervous this morning, not because I am particularly dreading this semester or anything, just 1st day of school jitters, I guess. Actually, I'm super excited for this semester, both of the classes I'm taking in my major are being taught by awesome teachers & I'm taking a well-balanced range of Academic and Athletic classes, including Dance! :D A friend on facebook mentioned that she was going to bring a parasol with her to school to ward off the sun and that got me thinkin'..."Hey! I like parasols too! And I have a bunch of them!" :D So, I decided to bring my Jagannath umbrella (because it matched my outfit, of course) with me on the walk to school to keep the sun off. My morning went wonderfully well, considering the heat and the chaos that is the first week of school. I was even able to run home on my break to take a cold shower, which made the second half of my day as wonderful as the first. On my way home to shower, a woman driving by told me that she liked my umbrella and did I know it was a Hindu god? I said that yes, I knew, and she gave me a flyer for an Ashram that is apparently two blocks from my house & she invited me to chant & feast! Jagannath is a form of Shree Krishna, the name means "Lord of the World" and he represents Universal Love. I'm not a Hare Krishna, but I'm all for the Loving, Blissed-out look that Jagannath has on his face & I'm all for anyone who supports Universal Love. That my beautiful, colorful umbrella brought me love & free food just made my morning.

The second half of my day was fantastic because I have John Clapp this semester for my Intermediate Illustration class. This teacher is not an easy teacher, in fact, he's the main reason I had jitters this morning. But, this man inspires me to do great things. He creates a desire in me to live up to my highest potential. This semester is no different, after one class (yes, he's the kind of teacher that keeps you in class the entire time on the first day) I am SO inspired to do great work! Of course, stepping outside into the heat subdued the immediate urge to paint a masterpiece, but, nevertheless, today has proven to me that this semester is gonna rock! WooHoo! :D
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Kimberly2wanda on August 26th, 2010 04:58 am (UTC)
Hooray for great beginnings! I'm glad you had such a wonderful first day of the fall semester. Love you!