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22 December 2009 @ 04:51 pm
The Things People Tell Me...A.K.A....Me According To Everyone Else  
So, I posted a facebook status update a few days ago that was well debated & it got me thinkin'...

I've come to believe that most of the things that people have told me about myself & the words people have used to describe me over the years are, for the most part, true and correct. They're not always flattering, but honestly, we are none of us perfect, so why should people always say nice things about any of us? In fact, I think that some of the most endearing qualities in the people I care for most are the qualities that they see as flaws in themselves.

Personally, I pride myself on being able to see things for what they are, clearly and without delusion. I often receive confirmation that I do indeed, have an unbiased outlook when it comes to myself, a quality that I think few people have. In my experience, most people hear the negative things that are said about them much more easily than they hear the positive things. There are, of course, people on the flip side, who refuse to acknowledge that they have any flaws at all, but no matter which side of the fence you normally reside on, I believe most people have a slightly skewed perspective when it comes to themselves. I am proud of who I am, good and bad and I believe that people's judgment on the qualities that make me "me" are specific to their own view on life and not relative at all. Two people may see the same exact qualities in me, but one may judge me as evil & the other as good, each according to their own individual belief system.

There may be people in this world who choose to ignore the critics and only surround themselves with "yes men", but I for one think that we do not improve as human beings unless we can honestly face our dark sides & always strive to correct the character flaws that keep us from living up to our highest potential. Sometimes I feel rather alone in this incessant pursuit of self-improvement, most people I know don't want to work that hard and are content to live with their flaws. To them I say "do as thou wilt but harm none" and we're five by five. As long as your character flaws aren't allowing you to hurt people, we're cool. To be honest, I agree more with Crowley's version, "do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" but I don't think that most people are wise or mature enough to handle true responsibility for their actions. It takes a lot to accept that because you've done something hurtful to someone, you will receive hurt in return. Most people obliviously cause harm to others and then sing the same old "why me?" song when that harm is visited back onto their heads.

In any case, I thought it would be amusing to list some of the most common words and phrases that have been used to describe me over the years, in no particular order...

Smart, Brilliant, Clever (My IQ says I'm close to being genius level, but not quite. I find this to be very accurate & I think it's reflected in the terms people use to describe my smarts, which I find interesting.)

Creative, Artistic

Brutally Honest (this is the nice way of saying I can be a bitch ;)

Beautiful, Pretty, Gorgeous (I have come to the conclusion that I have aesthetically pleasing features :)

Sexy (I have also been called a slut)


Overly Talkative (My comfort with communication has been both a curse and a blessing at various intervals :)

Overly Sensitive (there are good and bad sides to being empathic :)

Glowing, Effervescent, Glittery (and a number of other words that mean bright, shiny & sparkly)

Sweet, Kind (this has always come from people who I adore and so am very sweet towards. My enemies would disagree with this one though....let's just say you don't want to get on my bad side, and the term "evil bitch monster" would apply here ;)

Arrogant, Full of Myself (I like myself because I'm pretty awesome, what's wrong with that? ;)

Crazy, Fun, Freaky

Mellow, Easy to be Around (I find it interesting that I have been called both mellow and crazy...like I said earlier, it's all about perspective...and I would have to say that, yes, I am both crazy fun & mellow depending on what mood you catch me in)

Intriguing, Fascinating (also a nice way of saying "I'm scared of you" ;)

Intimidating, Powerful (see above re: "I'm scared of you." :)

Unreliable, Untrustworthy (I've been accused of this after not living up to commitments for one reason or another...I blame the Hungarian Gypsy & Sicilian blood on my Mom's side for this one ;) I have a loose set of morals, they change to suit my needs, what else can I say? ;)

Lazy, Irresponsible (see above re: Hungarian Gypsy & morals that change to suit my needs :)

Anyway, I hope you've all found this entertaining, it was very amusing to write. If I think of some other qualities, I will add them later. :)
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