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13 May 2009 @ 02:29 pm
Love & Enlightenment  

I am always amused by those who constantly complain about never finding love, even though they are surrounded by people who love and adore them. In these cases, it's usually that they aren't getting love from the one person they believe to be "true" or "perfect". No wonder they can't find love! If you are only open to a tiny trickle of love because it is in the form you believe is "perfect" or "true" then you will only have that small trickle in your life & no more. If you open to the universal bounty of love in all it's forms, who knows how much love you could have in your life? This is why I choose to be open.

These days I am open to love, in any and all it's forms. I believe I am on this earth & in this body to spread love & light to anyone who seeks it. I wasn't always this way, for much of my life I lived in fear & doubt. I struggled with being able to love, trust & be happy. It seemed too scary to open myself up, I was afraid of being hurt. As ironic as it sounds, most people live in fear & pain because it is what they know. In a strange way, we are comfortable there. This hinders growth & keeps us closed off to the universal life energy. But fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. Our bodies are very powerful vehicles and their power to control us cannot be taken lightly.

In the past, when I have judged the love I have received to be good or bad or "worthy", I was sad most of the time; I felt lonely & brokenhearted and I felt as though I would never find love or happiness. I was also very defensive towards the people I cared about; I never felt that I could trust the love I received from others. All kinds of judgment & fear surrounded love in my mind, so much so that I shut myself off from love for fear of pain.

When I changed my perspective, I suddenly wasn't afraid. I opened my heart to the love that was in the universe and invited it into my life, without judgment or reservation. All of the sudden, I could feel love all around me, and I could also see truth. Love is pure goodness, but being afraid of being open to it skews our perspective until love is a lie. When you open yourself to love, truth comes along with it. Everything is one, after all, it is only our fear that separates us from that knowledge.

I am full of peace, happiness & certainty everyday now. The universe is like a big fluffy blanket wrapped around me, protecting me. This is in stark contrast to the big, scary world about which I used to be so wary & that used to suck me dry & use me up at every turn. When you see truth through love, there is no deception, it is impossible. You cannot be taken advantage of if you are aware of the oneness that is a part of all of us.

I'm not perfect. I still struggle with my feelings on a daily basis. This is part of the challenge & great gift of being in a body. But, I am AWARE. I strive to see truth, uncluttered by my physical emotions. I understand that this body is subject to the reality it exists in & the energy around it. But, it doesn't have to control me. I am master of my reality & I strive to retain control of my emotions. I believe that this ability is what is known as enlightenment. I'm so glad I found enlightenment & I encourage everyone to seek it. It's very nice to be so full of love & peace all the time. Being One with the Force is definitely the place to be! :D
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